Ang Tagbanwa


Welcome to the website of the Tagbanwa Tribe of Palawan. We hope that this site would be of service to all the visitors. For those who would like to do research or learn about the culture, we posted our address below. If you would like to have a first-hand experience of the Tagbanwa lifestyle, please contact our Masicampo for more details. We will be honored to show you the traditional way of Tagbanwa living.

Office of the Masirikampo


 The Masicampo is the titular head of the Tagbanwa tribe. He is the leader and advocate of the culture and traditions, or "adat". Masicampo Ruben C. Joya is the 18th annointed Masicampo of the tribe. His father, Masicampo Ignacio "Am Pun" Joya, was one of the greatest leaders of the tribe. After 20 years of losing the "adat" and amidst the exploitation, the Tagbanwa is now ready to face another decade and the changing world. 

For more information about the Tagbanwa tribe, please contact us:


Address: Poblacion, Aborlan Palawan Philippines 5302

The Call:

To all Tagbanwa who finds this site, we invite you to join us in the crusade for the rights of the Indigenous People. If you are a member of any tribe, Batak, Palawano, Keney, Cuyuno, Calamianes,  or if you have the heart for the Indigenous People, please join our site. Thanks!